Project evaluations and recommendations are based on technical review, project documentation for registration and verification, site visits and additional due diligence questionnaires developed by Global Offset Research.

We seek a variety of domestic and international projects across a range of industries and protocols.


Due Diligence


Check if a project is truly additional

  • Our research reveals that less than 5% of the projects issuing credits are truly additional.  


The key questions we would ask are:

  • Whether the project will be implemeted without funding from the sale of carbon credits?

  • Whether climate change funding was considered before a decision was made to start the project?


Apply correct methodology

  • We check whether the projects apply the correct methodological formulae and whether the emission reduction calculations correct and conservative.

  • We do not support projects which use hypothetical baselines/suppressed demand approach for quantifying emission reductions.


Correct sampling and verification procedures followed

  • We conduct site visits to confirm that the emission reduction claims are not exaggerated.

  • Our verifcation approach confirms that selected samples are non biased and representative of the entire population.